Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the news and more

Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020


  • "SJC eyes standard for setting aside jury verdict in PI case," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Oct. 19). MBA Past President Jeffrey N. Catalano and MBA members Thomas R. Murphy and Myles W. McDonough discussed an upcoming Supreme Judicial Court case centered on whether a trial judge applied the correct legal standard in setting aside a $150,000 personal injury verdict due to what the defense claimed was an improper closing argument by plaintiff’s counsel.

  • "Insurers could deny defense in tort suit," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Oct. 19). MBA member Laura M. Gregory commented on an Appeals Court decision finding that insurers were not obligated to defend a ballet instructor against allegations that he sexually assaulted a student during a trip to Romania.

  • "Loss from soured lottery prize deal must lie with assignee, judge says," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Oct. 19). MBA member Robert V. Ward Jr. was quoted in a story about a case involving the estate of a lottery winner who was still owed more than half of his winnings under an agreement with a financial services company.

  • "Gov. Baker to leave mark on state's highest court," The Eagle-Tribune (Oct. 18). MBA Criminal Justice Section Council member Peter Elikann spoke about the decisions facing Gov. Charlie Baker as he prepares to nominate a new chief justice and two associate justices to the Supreme Judicial Court. The article also appeared in the Daily News of Newburyport on Oct. 16.

  • "Governor’s Council interviews District Court nominee," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Oct. 15). State House News Service covered the Oct. 14 Governor's Council hearing for MBA Past President Robert W. Harnais, who has since been appointed to the District Court. The article also appeared in the Braintree Forum and The Patriot Ledger, and was cited in a story by MA Latino News.
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Massachusetts Bar Association congratulates Past President Robert W. Harnais
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