MBA supports SJC nomination of Judge Serge Georges Jr.

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020
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Judge Serge Georges Jr.

The following is a statement from Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA) President Denise I. Murphy on Governor Charlie Baker’s Nov. 17 nomination of Boston Municipal Court Judge Serge Georges Jr. to serve as a justice on the Supreme Judicial Court:

"The Massachusetts Bar Association strongly supports the elevation of Judge Serge Georges Jr. to the Supreme Judicial Court. A Haitian American who was raised and educated in Boston, Judge Georges is as well-respected for his fair and compassionate judicial temperament as he is for his intelligence. His strengths as a former litigator with significant trial experience in civil and business matters, as well as criminal defense, will also bring additional balance to a court that includes several former prosecutors."

"With his nomination of Judge Georges, Governor Baker has a rare and historic opportunity to appoint every member of the SJC. He chose well. By choosing Judge Georges to the SJC, Governor Baker demonstrated his understanding that the courts should reflect the diversity of legal practices in our profession and the community we serve."   

This statement was also issued as a press release on Nov. 17.