Featured CLE: Learn about recent developments under the Massachusetts Wage Act on March 19

Thursday, March 5, 2020

MassBarEducatesState and federal wage and hour laws are active areas of litigation in the field of employment law. These laws are strictly enforced and dictate how wages must be paid to both current and former employees.

An employer’s exposure for a violation of wage and hour laws may trigger mandatory treble damages and employer liability for attorneys’ fees and costs. Given the gravity of noncompliance, any practitioner who advises businesses should understand what the law requires. Similarly, practitioners advising employees should be able to inform employees of the full scope of their rights. 

Recent court decisions have developed the Massachusetts Wage Act in a few key areas, including the wage rights of employees who earn some or all of their compensation through commissions, and independent contractor misclassification. Courts have also addressed what form of compensation is a “wage” under the Massachusetts Wage Act and assessed when and which damages are trebled.

This program will examine the interplay between federal and state wage and hour laws, as well as recent developments under the Massachusetts Wage Act, with a focus on:

  • Overview: Fair Labor Standards Act and Massachusetts Wage Act
  • What is a wage?
  • Commissions vs. bonuses
  • Treble damages -- when are they triggered and to what do they apply?
  • Independent contractor issues
  • Joint employer issues
  • Attorney General’s Office's enforcement priorities and initiatives
  • When the Attorney General’s Office pursues civil vs. criminal penalties

Massachusetts Wage Act: Treble Your Knowledge 
Thursday, March 19, 4-6 p.m.
MBA, 20 West St., Boston
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