Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the news and more

Thursday, June 6, 2019


  • "Top court in Mass. to review controversial technology police use to track cars," The Boston Globe (June 4). MBA Chief Legal Counsel and Chief Operating Officer Martin W. Healy was quoted about an upcoming Supreme Judicial Court case that will establish legal precedent regarding police use of plate-reading technology to track suspected criminals.

  • "Christopher A. Kenney (’90), John J. Morrissey (’92), and Grace Bacon Garcia (’98) serve as Massachusetts Bar Association officers," Boston University School of Law Alumni News (June 4). MBA President Christopher A. Kenney, MBA President-elect John J. Morrissey and MBA Secretary Grace V.B. Garcia, all graduates of Boston University School of Law, were featured in an article highlighting their leadership contributions to the MBA.

  • "Boston 25 News legal analyst Peter Elikann discusses Kevin Spacey's appearance in court," Boston 25 News (June 3). MBA Executive Management Board member Peter T. Elikann discussed actor Kevin Spacey's decision to appear for a pretrial hearing in Nantucket District Court, where he is charged with indecent assault and battery.

  • “Ethical rule fails to free attorney from noncompete,” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (June 3). MBA members Russell Beck and Thomas F. Maffei were quoted about a Superior Court judge’s ruling, which found that the Rules of Professional Conduct did not exempt an attorney from complying with restrictive covenants contained in an equity purchase agreement for his former business.

  • “Causation expert not needed in legal-mal case,” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (June 3). MBA members James S. Bolan and Kevin T. Peters were quoted about an Appeals Court decision, which found that an expert witness on causation was not needed to resolve a legal malpractice claim filed by a client accusing his attorney of mishandling a prenuptial agreement. 

  • “Ad hoc retired judges’ group may be ‘one and done,’” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (June 3). Hon. Christopher J. Muse, an MBA member and a former Superior Court justice, discussed the goals of the Committee for Judicial Independence, a 12-member ad hoc group of retired judges that has formed in response to the federal indictment of Newton Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph.

  • “It’s never too early to have a wind-down plan,” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (June 3). MBA member Lloyd C. Rosenberg wrote a column encouraging attorneys to attend to their own well-being by developing a formal plan for when they hope to retire or scale back their hours. 

  • “State trooper says superior officers knew about overtime fraud,” WBUR (May 31).
    MBA Executive Management Board member Peter T. Elikann was interviewed about the latest development in the State Police overtime scandal: a trooper’s allegation that his entire troop participated in the scheme and that this information was known to supervisors.

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