Participate in a Medical Malpractice Tribunal

Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019

Are you interested in serving on a medical malpractice tribunal?

G. L. c. 231 , § 60B requires that the Massachusetts Superior Court convene a medical malpractice tribunal to address each claim of malpractice by a health care provider. The statute directs that the tribunal consist of a Superior Court justice, a physician and an attorney. 

The justice must appoint the tribunal's physician member from a list provided by the Massachusetts Medical Society and the attorney member from a list provided by the Massachusetts Bar Association. As provided by the rule, attorneys are paid $50 for participating in the tribunal. SJC Rule 1:07 regulates the manner in which judges make all fee-generating appointments.

The MBA is currently seeking attorneys who are willing to participate in a tribunal. Please submit a letter of interest and resume to MBA Executive Administrator Gwen Landford at, by Friday, Feb. 1.