Probate Practitioners: Take a second short survey on your practice, see what systems others are using

Thursday, April 18, 2019

_108476822The Massachusetts Bar Association’s Probate Law Section Council is compiling a list of helpful practice techniques for lawyers who specialize in this unique area of law.
Please click here to take the second survey, which focuses on your practice: the size of your firm (attorneys/non-attorneys), length of your legal career, hours worked and billed, practice areas, and the benefits offered to employees. This survey is anonymous, and we welcome your continued participation. We believe your responses will provide valuable professional insights to fellow section members.


2019 MBA Probate Law Section Survey:
Your Systems Results

The first MBA Probate Law Survey focused on the systems you use for document assembly, timekeeping and more.

We are pleased to report that 80 people responded to the survey. Here are the top results: 

  • The top document assembly program: MY OWN TEMPLATES
  • The top client management/database program: FILING SYSTEM ON COMPUTER 
  • The top timekeeping and billing program: TIMESLIPS 
  • The top accounting program: QUICKBOOKS 
  • The top legal research program: GOOGLE 
  • The top reported county you practice in: MIDDLESEX 

More detailed results are available here