Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the news and more

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018


  • “Evidence seized in investigatory stop inadmissible,” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Sept. 3). MBA member D. Christopher Dearborn was quoted about an Appeals Court decision (Commonwealth v. Santiago), which found that evidence seized during a traffic stop should have been suppressed because officers boxed in the vehicle and approached with guns drawn.  
  • “Restaurant chain muzzled in class action over wages,” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Sept. 3). MBA members Daniel S. Field and Mary Elizabeth O’Neal were quoted about a Superior Court ruling (Frost v. Malden/Dockside, Inc., et al.), which found that a restaurant chain could be prohibited from communicating with employees who filed a putative class action alleging minimum wage and tip-pooling violations.
  • “Trustee’s request for noncompete rejected,” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Sept. 3). MBA members Jennifer V. Doran Given and Richard L. Levine were quoted about a U.S. Bankruptcy Court ruling (In Re: Wojtkun, Peter), which found that a debtor could not be bound by a noncompete agreement with his former business during its attempted sale by a bankruptcy trustee.
  • “Swansea attorney travels far to earn LL.M.,” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Sept. 3). MBA member David J. Correira was quoted in a Hearsay article about his decision at age 60 to pursue a master in laws degree, which he recently completed in Budapest, Hungary.
  • “Why voting ‘Yes’ on Ballot Question 1 is a win for patients,” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Sept. 3). MBA Past President Jeffrey N. Catalano, a medical malpractice attorney, wrote a letter to the editor in support of the Patient Safety Act, a proposed state law that would limit the number of patients assigned to a registered nurse at one time. An accompanying ballot question will be put before voters in the November election. 
  • “First things first: the ‘no-nup prenup,” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Sept. 3).
    MBA member Vicki L. Shemin wrote an opinion article outlining potential considerations for couples who intend to sign “no-nup” agreements because they will not be entering into prenups. 

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