Latest Massachusetts Law Review now available

Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018

MLR V99 N4 Cover WebThe volume 99, number 4 issue of Massachusetts Law Review is now available online and has been mailed to members. Articles include:

  • Reconciling the Limits of Agency Law and the Reach of the Federal Arbitration Act: Analyzing the Impact of the Supreme Court’s Decision in Kindred Nursing Centers Limited Partnership v. Clark on Massachusetts Estate Planning and Arbitration Practitioners, by Rebecca Tunney and Ashly E. Scheufele 
  • Case comment on Criminal Law: Narrowing the Scope of Massachusetts General Laws c. 268, § 13B’s Prohibition on Misleading a Police Officer, Commonwealth v. Tejeda, 476 Mass. 817 (2017), by Zachary Hillman
  • Case comment on Criminal Law: Flight is Not Consciousness of Guilt, Commonwealth v. Warren, 475 Mass. 530 (2016), by Peter T. Elikann
  • Book review on Sex and the Constitution, by James F. McHugh

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