MassBar Beat episode examines courtroom drama about bias

Thursday, Mar. 30, 2017
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The latest episode of the MassBar Beat - the official podcast of the Massachusetts Bar Association - is now available.

In "'Defamation' Courtroom Drama Encourages Dialogue about Bias," the MassBar Beat looks at "Defamation" the play, a touring courtroom drama written by Todd Logan, which has been performed hundreds of times around the United States since its debut in 2010. (To learn more about "Defamation" the play, visit

Podcast on MBLA

At its core, the play is about a fictional civil lawsuit over a claim of defamation. But the courtroom is really just the setting for what turns out to be a thought-provoking, interactive program about diversity that forces the audience to confront and talk about stereotyping and perceptions of bias in the play and in our legal system.

Last fall, the Massachusetts Bar Association was proud to sponsor the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association's annual presentation of "Defamation" the play to an audience of Boston-area high school students. Many of the issues addressed in the play are similar to the issues addressed in the MBA's recently launched CLE series on identifying and eliminating implicit bias in the courtroom. Sponsoring the MBLA's presentation of "Defamation" the play offered a unique opportunity to get students talking about bias and diversity, while also demystifying the legal system for them at the same time.

In the this episode, hear from some of the high school students in the audience, along with the MBLA's Stesha Emmanuel and MBA President Jeffrey N. Catalano, as they discuss the important issues raised in the play.

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