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Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017

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Articles, blogs and other news recently shared on the Massachusetts Bar Association's social media sites.

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DOC's drug-sniffing dogs wind up on SJC's docket (Boston Herald, shared by @BobMcGovernJr)

On Justice Ginsburg's summer docket: Blunt talk on big cases (New York Times, shared by @IndianaStateBar)

Starting next month, you can legally break into a hot car in Colorado to save a kid or pet (Denver Post)

Judge asks jurors in 1985 murder case about bias allegations (Boston Globe)

Prosecutors' dilemma: Will conviction lead to 'Life Sentence of Deportation'? (New York Times)

Court limits where plaintiffs can bring claims in three rulings (ABA Journal)

SJC to hear case against 'unconstitutionally vague' medical marijuana law (Boston Herald)

'The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Airline Seat': Court says FAA must reconsider regulating seat size on planes (Boston Globe via Associated Press)