Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the media

Thursday, Mar. 17, 2016

Notable & Quotable

  • "Massachusetts legal community responds to opioid addiction epidemic," Tewksbury Town Crier (March 12) -- MBA President Robert W. Harnais was quoted about the MBA's recently launched Section 35 Helpline, a free legal assistance pilot program in Norfolk county to help residents who are seeking court-ordered inpatient treatment for a friend or family member that is struggling with opioid or other substance addiction.
  • "Should state be held responsible for lab chemist's wrongdoing?" Boston Globe (March 14) -- MBA members Howard M. Cooper and Matthew R. Segal were quoted as legal experts on whether the state or its insurance carriers could be held liable in federal court in regards to the actions of former state chemist Annie Dookhan, who was sentenced to three to five years in state prison after pleading guilty in 2013 to tampering with evidence.
  • "Firms fret over need for license to collect debts," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (March 14) -- MBA member Josef C. Culik was quoted as a legal expert on the practice of debt collection in relation to the Division of Banks opening a six-month window for law firms to apply for a debt collection license.
  • "And then there was one," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (March 14) -- MBA members Ferdinand Alvaro Jr. and Nicole M. Bluefort were quoted in a story about minority-owned law firms in Boston.