Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the media

Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016

Notable & Quotable

  • "McGovern: Constitutional dangers lurk in tracking of social media," Boston Herald (Nov. 29) -- MBA member and former chair of the Criminal Justice Section Council Peter Elikann weighed in on the proposed use of social media monitoring software by the Boston Police Department.
  • "Door open for sidewalk liability review," Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Nov. 28) -- MBA member Marc L. Breakstone commented on a recent Appeals Court ruling involving a personal injury suffered due to a sidewalk defect.
  • "Police can search, arrest suspect after 'car meet,'" Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Nov. 28) -- MBA members Michael S. Hussey and D. Christopher Dearborn provided analysis of a recent Appeals Court decision concerning probable cause in the search and arrest of a suspected drug dealer.
  • Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (Nov. 28) -- MBA member Steven H. Schafer offered commentary from a personal injury perspective in the Hearsay column.
  • "President Obama commutes Worcester man's federal drug sentence," Telegram & Gazette (Nov. 22) -- MBA member Marissa L. Elkins was quoted about working with a client who will be released five years early after receiving a presidential pardon. Elkins worked with the client on a pro bono basis.