First-ever recipient of MBA’s Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Scholarship announced

Thursday, Apr. 30, 2015
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Ying Wang

The Massachusetts Bar Association is pleased to announce that Ying Wang, a third-year law student at New England Law | Boston is the first-ever recipient of the MBA's Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Scholarship. The $10,000 scholarship will be awarded at the MBA's Annual Dinner on May 7, at the Westin Boston Waterfront.

MBA Treasurer Jeffrey N. Catalano, who chaired the MBA's Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Scholarship Committee, said Wang is a worthy recipient of the inaugural scholarship.

"Ms. Wang demonstrated an impressive deep and sincere commitment to serving the underprivileged," Catalano said. "From her rise from humble beginnings, to paying for college through ROTC, to achieving academic success at New England Law | Boston, she confirmed that she has the resilience, character and empathy so necessary to servicing the poor. The MBA is very proud to support her in her heroic journey."

A daughter of immigrants, Wang considers herself a "public kid."

"Growing up in Boston, I lived in public housing, benefitted from public assistance, went to public schools [and] took public transportation," she said. Now, as Wang looks beyond graduation, she plans to dedicate her life to public service.

In addition to her studies, Wang currently serves as a legislative intern to State Rep. Elizabeth A. Malia. As a new attorney, Wang said she intends to focus her efforts on making sure adequate mental health services are provided to those who are often overlooked by the system - a population that often feels like they have nowhere to turn.

"Mental health problems disrupt an individual's ability to participate fully in society," said Wang. "As a future attorney, I would like to work on ways to enhance and protect the rights of such individuals to lead full and independent lives free of discrimination."

One demographic particularly susceptible to mental health issues are the men and women serving in the armed forces returning from overseas combat. As a First Lieutenant in the United States Army, Wang has seen firsthand the effects Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has on our servicemen and servicewomen.

Whether serving her country or serving her community, it is clear Wang has a passion for public service. From "public kid" to public servant, Wang truly embodies what it means to give back.

About the MBA's Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Scholarship

The MBA's Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Scholarship awards a $10,000 scholarship to a third-year law student currently attending a Massachusetts law school who is committed to providing legal assistance to underrepresented individuals and communities upon graduating. Candidates applying for this scholarship must meet the qualities that the MBA values and finds essential in those who will become practicing attorneys. In particular, applicants must (1) demonstrate a strong and specific commitment to serve the public interest, (2) have a proven record of hard work and academic accomplishment, and (3) have demonstrated integrity and honesty.