Staples, Dancing Deer Baking Co. to receive inaugural MBA Pinnacle Awards

Thursday, Sep. 25, 2014
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The Massachusetts Bar Association will present its first-ever Pinnacle Awards to Staples, Inc., and Dancing Deer Baking Company on Wednesday, Oct. 29, during the MBA's Consumer Advocacy Symposium. Established by the MBA's Consumer Advocacy Task Force, the Pinnacle Awards recognize companies who have demonstrated the highest commitment to their customers by taking affirmative steps to improve the consumer experience in Massachusetts.

"The Massachusetts Bar Association is delighted to recognize two locally based companies that share our goal of protecting the safety and well-being of consumers in the commonwealth," said MBA Vice President Christopher A. Kenney, chair of the MBA's Consumer Advocacy Task Force. "Both Staples, Inc., and Dancing Deer Baking Company have proactively implemented strong, consumer-focused initiatives, which benefit their customers as well as our communities. Each winner is a worthy recipient of the MBA's inaugural Pinnacle Award and a model for other businesses to follow."

About the Pinnacle Award Honorees

staplesStaples, Inc.: Staples, Inc., based in Framingham, Massachusetts, is one of the world's largest internet retailers and the largest office product company. By its own words, "Staples makes it easy to make more happen with more products and more ways to shop" through its retail locations worldwide and its online/mobile platforms. Staples has demonstrated particular pro-consumer leadership with its commitment to students and teachers, through its "Make Roar Happen" back-to-school initiative with Katy Perry and, a non-profit organization that funds classroom projects for teachers in local communities which Staples donated $1 million to. As a result, Staples fulfilled 949 classroom projects, providing 1,386 teachers in 1,089 schools with their classroom needs, and impacting 143,053 students throughout the U.S. Equally as impressive has been the company's implementation of a strategy to reduce the toxicity of the products it sells. Staples' novel Easy on the Planet program requires its suppliers to be more transparent about the chemicals in its products, consequently reducing hazards and pollution through the supply chain, all the way to the customer. For its commitment to supporting students and teachers in the communities it serves, as well as its forthright response to consumer demands for safer chemicals, materials and products, Staples is a worthy recipient of the MBA's Pinnacle Award.

dancingdeerDancing Deer Baking Company: Dancing Deer Baking Company is a Boston company that describes itself as "a company of people passionate about food, nature, aesthetics and community." It has provided gourmet, award-winning baked goods, holiday gift arrangements and corporate business gifts since 1994. Dancing Deer Baking Company benefits consumers in Massachusetts through the use of natural ingredients in its products and sensitivity to the environment through its commitment to green packaging. Customers can make informed dietary choices about ingredients and nutrition by the non-deceptive packaging of its products. The company's philanthropic mission to end family homelessness further benefits the community at large. For demonstrating the highest level of customer service and commitment to "truth in packaging," the MBA is proud to honor Dancing Deer Baking Company with the MBA's Pinnacle Award.