Judges offer tips on moving civil cases quickly

Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014
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Photo Credit: John Pregmon
View from the bench program faculty (from left): Hon. Peter B. Krupp; Hon. Robert A. Cornetta; Hon. Dennis J. Curran; Moderator Thomas M. Bond, Esq.; Hon. Maynard M. Kirpalani; Hon. Shannon Frison; Hon. Bruce R. Henry; and Hon. Kenneth W. Salinger.

The Massachusetts Bar Association's View From the Bench series traveled recently to the Montvale Plaza in Stoneham, where seven Superior Court justices provided a balanced, informative and exceedingly helpful view of what civil litigators can, and should, be doing to move their cases toward a speedier and more efficient resolution. The panel, which included Hon. Robert A. Cornetta, Hon. Dennis J. Curran, Hon. Shannon Frison, Hon. Bruce R. Henry, Hon. Maynard M. Kirpalani, Hon. Peter B. Krupp and Hon. Kenneth W. Salinger, imparted invaluable knowledge, lessons and practice tips to the more than 100 attorneys in attendance.

The judges spoke about the origins of Standing Order 1-88 and encouraged attorneys to think about whether the tracking order requirements of Standing Order 1-88 should be modified in particular cases.

The judges also spoke about the benefits and under-utilization of Rule 16 conferences.

Throughout the View From the Bench seminar, members of the audience contributed helpful questions and valuable practice points from the litigators' perspectives.

(Excerpted from a story by Michael Hayden, which will be featured in a future Lawyers Journal.)