Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the media

Thursday, May. 22, 2014

Notable & Quotable


Blue Ribbon Commission Report

Notable Kane

"They just can't stay there. They get married, they get a mortgage, they have student loans a lot of them, and so as a result, they're forced out of the public defender service or the prosecutor's office. I think a lot of them would stay, I probably would have stayed if the money was better."

MBA Blue Ribbon Commission Member and former Middlesex assistant district attorney Martin Kane, NECN, May 19

Kane and Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan appeared on Broadside with Jim Braude to speak about the new report issued by the MBA's Blue Ribbon Commission on Criminal Justice Attorney Compensation. Ryan added "I think we have for many years taken those who labor in the criminal justice system for granted."


Guaman/Hernandez Cases

Notable Elikann

"This is complicated by that issue of dragging. Did he know he was dragging the person or not know he was dragging? That really made the case a lot more serious."

MBA Past Criminal Justice Section Chair Peter Elikann, FOX25, May 19

Elikann discussed the case of Nicolas Guaman, an Ecuadorian immigrant, who was sentenced to 12-14 years for manslaughter this week after hitting and dragging a motorcyclist in 2011. Guaman was found not guilty of second-degree murder. In a later segment, Elikann also commented on the relevance of newly revealed photos of Aaron Hernandez with friends in Newport just days after allegedly being involved in a 2012 double-murder in Boston. "It's not really clear whether they're relevant or not. ...I'm not even sure if it would come into the trial at all because it really doesn't go to whether he committed the actual murders or not," he said.


Of Note:

  • salisburywonglorraineMBA Health Law Section Vice Chair Lorianne Sainsbury-Wong was quoted in a State House News story ("Expansion Deal Comes With Heavy Restrictions For Partners," May 19) on a tentative agreement between Attorney General Martha Coakley and Partners Healthcare, which places conditions on the acquisition of South Shore Hospital and Hallmark Health Systems.