SPSF Section launches network directory

Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014
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SPSF Section Chair Scott D. Goldberg

As chair of the Sole Practitioner & Small Firm (SPSF) Section, I am excited to announce that, after months of planning and development, we have created an online Network Directory Search within My Bar Access to aid our section members in searching for, and connecting with, other SPSF members.

The SPSF Section Council conceived of the concept at the end of last year under the premise that networking was the most necessary -- and beneficial -- aspect of building and operating a successful solo or small firm practice. Brainstorming with colleagues, exchanging ideas and sharing sample documents, and of course, promoting congeniality throughout the MBA are just some of the many benefits available to a sole practitioner or member of a small firm from networking.

The section council believes this networking tool will further our section's primary objectives, specifically, providing a forum for the exchange and dissemination of ideas and information, and promoting benefits and services of interest to its section members. Sole practitioners and members of small firms face unique challenges in the practice of law. This Network Directory Search will aid our section members by providing a useful tool for supporting other section members. Through the MBA's My Bar Access our section members can search for colleagues using a multitude of criteria including: areas of practice, experience, professional associations, and honors and awards, to name a few. The search criteria are based on the information a member includes in his or her profile.

How it works

Using the Network Directory Search is an easy two-step process. First, to be found in a search, a member must complete his or her profile on My Bar Access, which is simple and quick. In fact, if a member has a LinkedIn profile, then he or she can import that LinkedIn profile into the My Bar Access profile and revise it as desired. Any additional information can be included in the "Bio" narrative section.

The second step is the search function, which can be accessed a number of ways. Members of the SPSF section can most easily search for members of the section by opening the "Sole Practitioner & Small Firm" group page and clicking on the "Network Directory Search" button located on the right side of the page. This will lead to an "Advanced Member Search" form. Simply select or fill in the criteria that you would like to search by --including keywords that you would anticipate being included in the Bio section -- and click "Find Members" at the bottom of the page.

A benefit for all members

Anticipating that searching for members would be useful to, and desired by, many MBA members outside of the Sole Practitioner & Small Firm section, the Advanced Member Search is available to all MBA members to search for members throughout the MBA.

This search will not be limited to members of a specific section but rather will search throughout the MBA. A member of any section can access the search form by the Advanced Member Search tab now located on all group pages. (SPSF section members can also search outside their section by accessing the search form found on a tab on the group's homepage.)

We encourage members of the Sole Practitioner & Small Firm Section, and all MBA members, to complete their profiles and use the Network Directory Search to advance their law practices.