Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the media

Thursday, Apr. 10, 2014

Notable & Quotable


Beacon Street Fire Liability

Sheff for Notable

"I can see many, many angles to liability in this situation. You definitely have a negligence case here, but it's also a wrongful death case, and in Massachusetts you can get punitive damages."

MBA President Douglas K. Sheff, Boston Herald, April 5

Sheff was interviewed by the Boston Herald in a story outlining the potential for civil suits in the aftermath of a fire at 298 Beacon Street that claimed the lives of two Boston firefighters. Investigators say the blaze started when sparks from welders working on an iron railing behind 296 Beacon Street ignited a wooden structure behind 298 Beacon Street. Defense attorney and MBA Past Criminal Justice Section Chair Peter Elikann also provided his take on the possibility of criminal charges. "There are potential criminal problems, but it's not a sure thing," Elikann told the Herald. "We don't really have negligent homicide here, and that's maybe something the Legislature should look into and tighten up that area of the law that isn't covered."


Domestic Violence Bill

Notable ODonnell

"I think it will pass because there is a lot of activity about it right now and that's a great thing."

MBA Past President Kathy O'Donnell, FOX25 Morning News, April 4

O'Donnell provided her insight on a new domestic violence bill as a featured guest on "Case-By-Case," a weekly segment that examines high-profile cases. FOX25 also asked her about a defamation case filed against talk show host Glenn Beck by a Saudi national after initially being described as a person of interest in the Boston Marathon bombings last April. "Hopefully it will be a signal to other people that you really have to step back in these kinds of situations and rely on facts as opposed to what you might want to think is happening," said O'Donnell.


Judicial Retirements

Healy for Notable

"It's an unprecedented pay raise, the dollar level of it. And they are highly sought-out positions on a good day."

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Counsel Martin W. Healy, Boston Herald, April 8

Healy spoke to the Boston Herald about the high number of judicial retirements that are expected to occur across the state when a pay increase takes effect this summer. He noted that "there is definitely a buzz throughout the legal community about the sheer number of potential vacancies."


Faulty GM Ignitions

Notable White

"From GM's standpoint, that's simply going to lead to a significant amount of new reporting concerning individual cases and claims, and that's one of the things they want to have go away."

Former Civil Litigation Section Chair Paul White, NBC News, April 2

White was quoted by in a national piece on the refusal by General Motors (GM) to release the names of individuals who died in crashes that may have been linked to faulty ignitions in GM automobiles. GM CEO Mary Barra recently appeared before a Congressional panel to answer questions relating to the defect that led to millions of recalls.