Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the media

Thursday, Apr. 3, 2014

Notable & Quotable


Financial support for Marathon bombing victims

Sheff for Notable

"You've got to be comatose, you've got to be hospitalized and that's not what brain injury is all about. It's beyond me that she [Joanna Leigh] isn't getting help right now."

MBA President Douglas K. Sheff, New England Cable News (NECN), April 1

Both Sheff and MBA Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Counsel Martin W. Healy were interviewed by NECN as part of a story on Boston Marathon bombing victims still seeking One Fund assistance. Included was Bill Iffrig, a 79-year-old retired paper mill worker, who was captured falling to the ground near the finish line in an iconic photograph. Iffrig suffered tendon damage in his leg and needed hearing aids for a shattered eardrum. He has yet to receive financial assistance from the One Fund. "It's undisputable that he's been injured, it's undisputable that he was there and it really says something about the administration of the fund at this point that they're not coming forward and compensating folks who aren't looking for a lot of money that have very demonstrable injuries," Healy told NECN. Joanna Leigh, a Boston financial consultant who suffered a brain injury during the bombings, did not receive the full payout for victims with permanent brain damage as described in the initial distribution process.


Justina Pelletier custody case

Notable Kazarosian

"Obviously there's something there that we all don't know about. We don't have all the facts. … Judge Johnston's job is to keep that child safe."

MBA President-elect Marsha V. Kazarosian, New England Talk Network/Boston Herald Radio, March 28

Kazarosian shared her legal insight on the Justina Pelletier custody case as a featured guest on "The Natural Truth" radio show hosted by Michael Graham. Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Johnston awarded the State Department of Children and Families (DCF) permanent custody of 15-year-old Justina in a March 25 ruling. Kazarosian also applauded Judge Johnston's decision on her weekly appearance on the FOX25 Morning News. "He is doing his utmost best to work out something with Connecticut and the parents to get this child back on track," she said. On FOX25 Kazarosian also discussed the report issued on the killing of Ibragim Todashev in Florida and the custody agreement reached in the Jared Remy case.