MBA and Suffolk University Law School host Career Panel

Thursday, Sep. 12, 2013
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Top (from left to right): MBA Law Practice Management Section Council Vice Chair Damian J. Turco, Suffolk University Law School Associate Director David Merson, MBA Vice Presidents and Membership Committee Co-chairs Christopher P. Sullivan and Martha Rush O'Mara, and program attendee Naree Chan. Middle: Merson speaks to recent law school graduates about online profiles and resumes. Bottom: Graduates network at the cocktail reception. Photos by Marc A. D'Antonio and John J. Pregmon.

More than 50 recent law school graduates anxiously awaiting their bar exam results attended the Massachusetts Bar Association's Sept. 10 Career Panel, which was provided in partnership with Suffolk University Law School. David Merson, associate director of Career Services at Suffolk University Law School, began the panel discussion with an in-depth overview of various career resources available to new graduates. Merson stressed the importance of having an updated -- and clean -- online profile and resume.

"Potential employers that are thinking about hiring are going to go to the web and Google you. You have to make sure that what comes up is clean and professional," Merson said.

MBA Law Practice Management Section Council Vice Chair Damian J. Turco provided attendees with a Top 10 list of things law school graduates should do while waiting for bar exam results. The list included getting specific about what it is you want to do. Throughout the discussion, Turco stressed the importance of getting involved with professional associations, like the MBA, in order to build-up a reputation and credibility.

"They [Merson and Turco] gave great suggestions about what you need to be doing, both to get started and what to do to get some legal experience," said 2013 Suffolk University Law School grad Leslie-Ann Taylor.

A cocktail reception followed the program, providing an opportunity for recent graduates to relax, socialize and ask panelists questions.