Notable & Quotable: MBA members in the media

Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013

Notable & Quotable


Dookan case

Notable Harnais

"Nobody is a victor here. Unfortunately the system has failed and we as members of the Bar have to all work together and realize that we have to bring integrity back to the system."

MBA Treasurer Robert W. Harnais, WBUR, Oct. 29, 2013

A date has been set for a plea hearing for Annie Dookhan, a former state chemist who worked in the William Hinton State Drug Laboratory and allegedly falsified drug tests, resulting in the release of more than 300 inmates. Harnais, who has reviewed cases compromised by Dookhan's testing, spoke to WBUR about improving state oversight. "There has to be confidence back in the system that these checks and balances will exist and these types of failures will not happen again," said Harnais.