Mass. Criminal Justice Reform Coalition releases Crime, Cost and Consequences: Is it time to get smart on crime?

Thursday, Mar. 28, 2013
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The Massachusetts Criminal Justice Reform Coalition this week released its first report, Crime, Cost, and Consequences: Is It Time to Get Smart on Crime. The 40-page report outlines the real costs of the state's current incarceration system and presents reforms to both curb those costs and improve public safety.

Among the recommendations are:

  • Placing a moratorium on state and county prison expansion;
  • Revisiting the state's approach to sentencing and sanctions;
  • Expand the use of community supervision and pre-release; and
  • Review current condi­tions of confinement, programming, and program quality across the system.

MBA Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Counsel Martin W. Healy sits on the council, comprised of prosecutors and corrections practitioners, defense lawyers, community organizers and business executives. MassINC, a nonpartisan research group, commissioned the study.

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