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Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013
MBA members in the news


Independent Investigation into Remy Case

Healy for Notable

"We commend District Attorney Marian Ryan for heeding the calls of the Massachusetts Bar Association and others in seeking an independent review of the Jared Remy matter. Ryan's pick of two highly respected prosecutors, former Essex District Attorney Kevin Burke and Norfolk County Assistant District Attorney Jeanmarie Carroll, will ensure a transparent review and help instill public confidence in the administration of justice."

MBA Chief Legal Counsel Martin W. Healy, Boston Herald, Aug. 22

Healy applauded Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan's appointment of outside investigators to look into the DA office's decision not to request bail on a repeat offender in the Jared Remy case. Healy was also quoted in The Boston Globe and the Salem News, and he appeared as a call-in guest on "NightSide with Dan Rea" on WBZ Radio.


Drug Lab Report

"The depth of the crisis is unfathomable and reveals what can only be described as an unconscionable level of gross negligence at the state drug lab. The crisis will continue to negatively impact the state's budget and reverberate throughout the commonwealth's judicial system for years to come."

MBA Chief Legal Counsel Martin W. Healy, Boston Globe, Aug. 20

Healy was quoted by The Boston Globe and several other news outlets after Gov. Deval L. Patrick's administration announced that 40,323 criminal cases may have been impacted by the actions of Annie Dookhan, a chemist who worked in the William Hinton State Drug Laboratory.


Lawyers Give Back

Sheff for Notable

"We're really caretakers. We really do care, and we do a lot of good things for the communities in the commonwealth."

MBA President-elect Douglas K. Sheff, "Nightside with Dan Rea," WBZ Radio, Aug. 14

A guest on the show, Sheff countered the myth of lawyers as "takers" while promoting the MBA's Working Families, Consumer Advocacy and Justice for All initiatives.