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Comments from the Chairwoman of the New Lawyers Section

Amy Cashore MarianiAmy Cashore Mariani is of counsel to Fitzhugh, Parker & Alvaro, LLP and currently works as a contract attorney in all aspects of litigation matters.

The New Lawyers Section is committed to helping you to grow personally and professionally by providing you with unparalleled educational, networking and volunteer opportunities. Keep a close eye on your MBA e-Journal and on your MBA CLE mailings for further details on programs sponsored by the New Lawyers Section. Don't forget - your section membership entitles you to significant discounts on some of these programs.

This year, the New Lawyers Section hopes to help you build your book of business by increasing networking opportunities. The New Lawyers Section will be hosting networking events in Boston and Worcester later this bar year. Details to follow.

In addition, the New Lawyers Section recognizes that many of us are looking for opportunities to help the less fortunate. The MBA and the New Lawyers Section have many ways for you to use your skills and talents in assisting others. Here are just a few of the programs that you can become involved with:

•  The Conversations program gives you the opportunity to facilitate discussions among high school students about the many important civil liberties issues that have come to light in the days since September 11, 2001. Facilitators receive conversation "starter" materials on a variety of topics that they can use to get the minds of our high school students focused on the future of the Constitution and their own civil rights. Please contact Ed Hermann at [e-mail Hermann] if you are interested in participating.

•  The Job Shadow/Law Career Day program helps high school students explore careers in the legal field. Job Shadow participants meet a high school student at the MBA's offices at the beginning of the day and allow the student to "shadow" them as they go about their regular business day. Law Career Day programs are run at a number of firms simultaneously; groups of students from local schools head to various firms for a day of learning about various legal career options. Please contact me at [e-mail acashore] if you or your firm is interested in hosting a student or a group of students for this program.

•  Christmas in April/Rebuilding America provides you with the opportunity to work with others in your local community to assist someone in need with household repairs. Volunteers from all walks of life meet at a selected job site in their area and help with painting, yard work and other home repairs. Don't worry - no construction skills are required! Please contact me at [e-mail acashore] if you would like to help out.

•  Mock Trial is one of the MBA's longest running programs. This project gives high school students the opportunity to participate in a series of mock trials held throughout the state. If you are interested in becoming a judge or in helping to coach a team, please contact Ed Hermann at [e-mail Hermann].


If you have any questions about the exciting events that the New Lawyers Section has planned, or if you would like to become more involved in the section, please do not hesitate to contact me at [e-mail acashore] or at (617) 354-8858. I look forward to meeting many of you during this bar year.


- Amy

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