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Lawyers Journal

MBA Vice President Valerie A. Yarashus; MBA Executive Director Marilyn J. Wellington; Pamela M. Dashiell, general counsel for the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts; and attorney Robert W. Harnais of Quincy made plans at the first meeting on Jan. 11.

MBA launches Task Force on Diversity

The MBA Task Force on Diversity was launched last month as part of a long-term effort to diversify the makeup of the legal community, the judiciary and the Massachusetts Bar Association's leadership.

Clients' Security Board: 4 decades cleansing profession's reputation

It's the best-kept secret of the Massachusetts bar: Unbeknownst to most attorneys, seven members of the legal profession, aided by a team of volunteers and staff attorneys, quietly work on behalf of all Massachusetts lawyers to reimburse clients who have been defrauded by their attorneys and to reinstate their faith in our profession.

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