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Part-time attorneys and their firms find it pays to be flexible

Ted MacVeagh of Boston's Bromberg and Sunstein did not think his firm would allow him to work part time. A few years ago, he told management he was starting to look for legal work through a temp agency so he could help his wife with childcare. He was pleasantly surprised by their response. They told him he could stay and work reduced hours.

50-year members honored

A reception was held on March 21 at the Colony Club in Springfield to honor Massachusetts Bar Association members who passed the Massachusetts Bar in 1951.

House of Delegates approves MBA Bylaws and Joint Bar rules revisions

The Massachusetts Bar Association House of Delegates took action on House Bill No. 4840, an initiative amendment relative to the protection of marriage; revisions to the Joint Bar Committee Rules; and revisions to MBA Bylaws at its April 3 meeting, held at the Worcester Crowne Plaza Hotel.

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