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Thursday, Mar. 7, 2013
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Check out blog posts on:

  • Divorce Arbitration: Nine Reasons For a Family Law Arbitration Statute in Massachusetts;
  • Marriage Equality: Politics and Supreme Court Briefs; and
  • Divorce Mediation: Then and Now.
Questions about a new rule? Need a referral? Looking for a sample motion? Interested in learning more about your fellow members? Login and participate in ongoing member group discussions, which are now PRIVATE and can only be viewed by MBA members, who login to the MBA's online community. Discussions were previously viewable by the public. My Bar Access discussions allow you to enjoy the benefits of a traditional listserv, without clogging your inbox.

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Resource materials -- including "Getting Started on My Bar Access" and "How to Use My Bar Access" -- posted in various areas throughout the site, can help users with questions. Following a review of those resources, members who need further help should contact the My Bar Access Help Desk at [e-mail mybaraccess].

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