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Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013
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Featured member benefit: Lawyer Referral Service

Want to expand your client base? Join the Lawyer Referral Service

The Massachusetts Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service, one of the largest referral services of its kind, helps connect members of the public with an attorney in their area who has the knowledge they need. Join or renew your LRS membership today.

The LRS promotes the legal skills of its members through:

  •, offered as an MBA public service;
  • Campaigns on radio stations and MBTA platforms and commuter rail trains;
  • Search engine advertising; and
  • Flyers and posters in public buildings, including courts and city halls.

NOTE: Instant referrals coming soon. Receive real-time referrals straight to your inbox from Additional benefits to include web-based case management options.

RENEW OR JOIN TODAY: Current LRS members can avoid any interruption in their membership by renewing before the March 31 deadline. The cost of joining the LRS is either $100 or $150 depending on how long you have been admitted to practice. Just one LRS referral can cover the cost of your annual membership in both the MBA and the LRS. Click here for more information.


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