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Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013
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News from the courts

Innovation grants announced

Ten Innovation Grants to implement projects proposed by local courts were recently announced by Chief Justice Paula M. Carey and Court Administrator Harry Spence. A 10-member review team of volunteers reviewed 40 proposals submitted to the recently introduced Innovation Grant program. Funds were requested for a range of projects, including training, new applications of technology and program enhancements.

The 10 approved projects will cost an estimated $38,600 and range from $500 to $10,000 each. They include promoting extending hours, improving public information through printed and video materials, training for a program to support adolescent women, and development of courtwide databases to enhance operations.

"This is an exciting new initiative that supports the goals of the Trial Court's strategic plan," said Chief Justice Carey. "We wanted to encourage employees to consider ways to improve the delivery of justice and courts across the state stepped up to take advantage of this opportunity. We thank the ten-member review team which brought a great range of expertise to this new program."

The Innovation Grant Program will issue another request for proposals in mid-February. Contact Grant Manager Jessica Fix at [e-mail Jessica.Fix] for information on this initiative.


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