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Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012
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MBA showcases fourth video in series on court funding

Next YouTube post focuses on the importance of adequate funding in protecting the rule of law

The Massachusetts Bar Association has posted its fourth video as part of its public awareness campaign on the negative effects of underfunded courts. This video focuses on how adequate funding of the third branch of government is essential to preserving the rule of law.

"Adequate funding of the judicial branch is critical to the survival of constitutional democracy," Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court Margaret H. Marshall (ret.) said in the video.

Probate and Family Court Chief Justice Paula M. Carey's remarks are also featured. "We need to be a vibrant, productive and well-managed system that has the ability to deliver the best quality justice that we can. And, we need to be funded in order to be able to do that," Carey said.

Marshall later uses the analogy of breathing oxygen to explain the value of the rule of law. "When you're breathing oxygen, you don't notice it. When you cut off the supply, you'll notice it very quickly."

View the fourth video in the MBA series below or click here.

Court Funding Video 4

MBA members are encouraged to reach out to their legislators on the need for adequate funding in the state's fiscal year 2013 budget. Members are asked to use information in the MBA video and the MBA's online resources when reaching out to legislators. Members are also encouraged to share the link to the video and online resources with colleagues and acquaintances.



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