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Thursday, Sep. 24, 2009
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MBA leadership met on Thursday, Sept. 17 for the first House of Delegates meeting of the 2009-10 association year.

Photos by Jennifer Rosinski.

First 2009-10 MBA House of Delegates meeting discusses education, membership and technology

MBA leadership met on Thursday, Sept. 17 in Andover

The Sept. 17 gathering at the Andover Country Club was the first meeting of the 2009-10 association year led by President Valerie A. Yarashus, who gave an overview of the coming year including a focus on internal improvements in the areas of education, membership and technology as well as lobbying for changes in the areas of drug policy, alimony and to halt further court budget cuts. "We have very significant work to do this year, and it will make a difference," she said.

Measures to oppose both the state's plan to close the Bridgewater substance abuse center in November and portions of Gov. Deval Patrick's bill, An Act to Reduce Firearm Violence (in part, because it would establish a presumption that a defendant charged with possession of a firearm is dangerous for the purpose of setting bail) were approved by the Massachusetts Bar Association House of Delegates last week.

Look for a more detailed report of HOD in the November issue of Lawyers Journal.

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