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Thursday, Jan. 3, 2008
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MBA releases its Green Guidelines and issues an environmental pledge

On Jan. 8, the MBA in collaboration with the Conservation Law Foundation, is launching the MBA Lawyers Eco-Challenge, urging lawyers to sign the MBA’s Lawyers Environmental Pledge to use the MBA Green Guidelines in developing environmentally sustainable practices. Both documents will be available on the Eco-Challenge Web site:


Starting on Jan. 7, Lawyers Weekly is also participating in the Eco-Challenge by running Eco-Tips in each issue for the next several months. In addition, a comprehensive resource guide and numerous tips will be posted regularly on the Eco-Challenge Web site and sent to members via email.


The MBA’s Energy and Environment Task Force, a group of more than a dozen attorneys, has written the Pledge and compiled the Guidelines. The Pledge, which must be filled out by one representative from each law firm, asks participants to become “Pledge Partners” and adhere to the  Guidelines.


The Guidelines offer detailed and specific suggestions for altering behaviors, updating products and services and taking actions that will result in more sustainable practices as well as energy and resource conservation. They focus on eight core areas of sustainability: energy conservation, paper reduction, recycling, greenhouse gas reduction, environmentally conscious purchases, sustainable practices, education and support for environmental conservation.


MBA President David W. White Jr. unveiled the Eco-Challenge in September, when he took office for the MBA’s 2007-08 association year, and later formed the task force, on which he sits.

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