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Thursday, Aug. 14, 2008
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Free Legal Tech Expo offers workshops on Web site design, Microsoft Office, Adobe products and more

Complimentary trade shows to be held on Sept. 23 in Boston and March 20 in Framingham

The Sept. 23 Legal Tech Expo will show you how to use the right tools to run an efficient, organized practice, as well as balance your personal and professional commitments. The all-day trade show at the Boston Sheraton will run from 8 a.m.– 2 p.m. and feature the four technology breakout sessions (see descriptions below).
To register, call MBA Member Services at (617) 338-0530, or contact us via e-mail. To learn more about the upcoming Legal Technology Expos, click here. To download a registration form, click here.

Legal Tech Expo Breakout Sessions


Website Optimization for Law Firms

David Friedman, Founder and president, Boston Logic Technology Partners Inc.
In this session, we will explore how to bring more users to your website - your digital business card - and convert those users into new clients. Your website can and should bring you business. To do this, your site needs to be easy to find, engage users, effectively communicate your firm’s capabilities and compel the user to contact you.

PDF for Lawyers

Mark E. Middleton, Legal Account Specialist, Adobe Systems Inc.,
Rick Borstein, Senior Business Development Manager, Adobe Systems Inc.

Attend this seminar and learn how Adobe Acrobat 9 and its many new features can help you as an attorney. The program can:

  • Assemble documents and correspondence in a single, organized PDF Portfolio to deliver closing and deal documents;
  • Save time and keep everyone on the same page using synchronized screen views; 
  • Take advantage of document comparison tools to quickly detect changes between documents;
  • Transform static electronic forms into interactive forms with just a few clicks;
  • Use redaction tools to maintain privacy, censor client secrets or help protect sensitive information;
  • Save time by using the Bates Numbering tool to number and label documents. 
Toys, Gadgets and Gizmos

Alan J. Klevan, Esq., Klevan & Klevan LLP, Wellesley
Rodney S. Dowell, Esq., Director, Law Office Management Assistance Program, Boston

See the latest and greatest technology toys, gadgets and gizmos that make the practice of law fun, efficient and profitable. You will see how attorneys can effectively and securely take their office on the road: efficiently running an office while effectively maintaining control, reducing their “carbon footprint,” and having fun practicing the law.

Microsoft Office for Lawyers

Alan J. Klevan, Esq., Klevan & Klevan LLP, Wellesley
Rodney S. Dowell, Esq., Director, Law Office Management Assistance Program, Boston

Watch a demonstration on how to run your office effectively using Microsoft Windows Office with the help of critical tips, essential add-ons and smart upgrades. You can create a Case Management Program that tracks cases, contacts, files e-mail, makes appointments, creates billing entries and invoices, tracks deadlines and creates a tickler system at a small additional cost. You will save time, make money and sleep easier.


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