MBA Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Take advantage of the many ways the MBA can work for your firm.

  • FREE legal research: MBA members get free, unlimited access to Fastcase, one of the nation's most popular legal research services.
  • FREE continuing legal education: The MBA helps your attorneys enhance their practices and stay on top of the through our free CLE programs, many of which are also offered via MBA On Demand.
  • Referral opportunities: MBA members have access to the MBA's Lawyer Referral Service (LRS), one of the largest lawyer referral services in the country. Through its website,, LRS is able to offer instant referrals to potential clients, 24/7.
  • Unmatched insurance: MBA members have immediate access to exclusive insurance programs designed and negotiated annually by the MBA's own insurance committee, which builds coverage specifically tailored for lawyers who practice in Massachusetts.
  • Networking opportunities: Whether in person at an MBA event or via My Bar Access, the MBA's vibrant online community, members of your firm can connect and interact with other like-minded legal professionals across the commonwealth.
  • Leadership opportunities: Whether you're looking to be an officer, Section Council leader, program chair or a panelist on a CLE, the MBA offers many opportunities to get involved and enhance your leadership skills.

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