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"The MBA provides a unique opportunity for lawyers in both the public and private sectors to work together in a collegial environment on educational programs and committee projects of importance to our profession and our courts.

Working with the MBA's leadership and its professional staff on seminars and as a member of various section councils and the standing committee on ethics has been a personally rewarding experience that has also enhanced my career professionally."

-- Christa Arcos, Morrison Mahoney LLP, MBA Member since 1993


Agudelo"The MBA has helped me grow my practice and develop important relationships, especially through the Civil Litigation and Health Law section councils. It has provided me with numerous leadership, networking and business referral opportunities. The MBA's My Bar Access instantly connects me to MBA members across Massachusetts, and the wide variety of live and On Demand CLE programs offer top-level training opportunities."

-- Anthony V. Agudelo, Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen PC, MBA member since 2005

Bagley"I joined the MBA mid-career when I opened my own office to take advantage of Casemaker, small practice management seminars and insurance benefits.  Once I became a member, I realized the potential for engaging with other members of varying expertise in a collegial setting.  My membership has also permitted me to participate as a judge in the Mock Trial program, which affords me an energizing opportunity to work with the next generation of trial lawyers. Joining the MBA has certainly enhanced my practice and enjoyment of the law."

-- Martha R. Bagley, Law Office of Martha R. Bagley PC, MBA member since 2009



"In my role as a member and later co-chair of the MBA's Family Law Section Council, I enjoyed meeting practitioners from counties all over the commonwealth and participating with them in pragmatic discussions and educational seminars.

An unexpected benefit was being labeled a leader in the field of family law, which provided me with leverage in successfully settling many of my more acrimonious cases.

In addition, being part of an MBA delegation that welcomed visiting family court judges from Slovenia was a reminder of the breadth of our profession; and has led to my planning a visit to Slovenia."

-- Thomas J. Barbar, Deutsch, Williams, Brooks, DeRensis & Holland PC, MBA member since 2002


Bassett"As a practicing attorney, MBA membership affords me a sense of community with my fellow practitioners. Together, we make a huge difference in so many lives. Regular programs like "Dial-A-Lawyer" and the Marathon Bombing Victims Legal Assistance Program are activities that show the legal profession in a positive light. I am most fulfilled by my involvement in the MBA's statewide Mock Trial program. If you want to spend a few hours a year acting as a judge or a lawyer coach for bright high school students in your community then volunteer and GET INVOLVED!"

-- Mary E. Bassett, Mary E. Bassett, Attorney at Law, MBA member since 1992


Bialis"I joined the MBA to become involved in the wider Massachusetts legal community. After all, I'm a lawyer, not just at my firm -- not just in my neighborhood, not just in Boston -- but in Massachusetts, so I thought it was important to join the organization that drives the profession in the entire state. That's why I got involved, but it's the people I have met at the MBA that have kept me involved. The people at the MBA all care about me and my development as a lawyer, and I care about them. That goes a long way, particularly when you're just starting out after being sworn in to the bar."

-- Brian P. Bialas, Foley Hoag LLP, MBA member since 2009


Carroll"The MBA has expanded my world, and connected me with people outside my narrow field, but who share my profession, my values and my interest in issues of larger and broader importance than found in my day to day practice. It has given me an opportunity to have fun while learning, to give back, and to contribute to the public debate on important issues of the day. The MBA has shown me, by example of its leaders, how to lead."

-- John J. Carroll, Jr., Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow, MBA member since 1985


Conner"The MBA is a great resource and community. Through my participation in the MBA, I've had the opportunity to participate in discussions that affect me professionally and to give back to my community. Attorneys from all over Massachusetts come together here. For me, it's this commonwealth-wide collaboration that makes the MBA such a wonderful organization to be involved with. It brings a myriad of viewpoints and skill sets to MBA events and CLEs. I value the relationships that I've formed with attorneys from all over Massachusetts thanks to the MBA."

-- Melissa Conner, Conner Law Offices, MBA member since 2009


Fiore"I originally joined the MBA during law school to supplement my education, while having access to quality educational programs and experienced lawyers with expertise in various areas of law. It allowed me to get a taste of the profession while still a student. To this day, the MBA remains an invaluable resource both socially and professionally where I continue to expand my practice and knowledge of the profession."

-- Stephen M. Fiore, Foster & Eldridge LLP,  MBA member since 1994


Flynn"The whole (of the MBA) is greater than the sum of its parts: there is not really one distinguishing element of the MBA that makes it the valuable resource that it is, but the totality of its many resources. The educational programs, networking, advocacy, publications, member groups, events, etc. The MBA is a great value, providing far more than the annual cost in benefit."

-- Judith M. Flynn, Elder Law Office of Judith M. Flynn, MBA member since 2003


Gabor"Thank you for launching this post. I practiced in New York for over 20 years before moving to Boston this past August.

The MBA has given me the chance to meet colleagues and become part of the community. This was extraordinarily important in helping me to plant roots in Massachusetts.

This association offers a broad range of opportunities to attorneys including networking, mentoring, education, and community involvement. I have had occasion to take advantage of many opportunities which have been extraordinarily important. Thank you!"

-- David Gabor, The Wagner Law Group, MBA member since 2011


Harnais"When I first joined the MBA I was surprised by all it had to offer. The opportunity to meet and network with lawyers across the state is priceless; I have been able to discuss cases with lawyers I would not have otherwise met. The MBA has also been on the front line of issues concerning all practitioners, whether it is court funding, the drug lab scandal or legislative changes. I wish I had gotten involved with the MBA sooner in my 22-year career. The resources it has to offer would have helped me greatly when I was just starting my practice."

-- Robert W. Harnais, Mahoney, Harnais & Diamond MBA Member since 2006


Hoffey"I belong to the MBA because it fosters collegiality, cooperation and communication amongst lawyers. The MBA provides a venue for lawyers to discuss varying viewpoints and educate one another on all aspects of the law. The MBA continually reminds me that the practice of law is a professional privilege grounded in mentoring, service, integrity and advocacy."

-- Thomas M. Hoffey Jr., Drayer & Associates, MBA member since 2006



"My MBA membership can be summarized in three words: people, education and service.

By being active in the MBA, I have met countless able and dedicated attorneys throughout the commonwealth, learning much from them, informally and through MBA educational programs. Being active in the MBA also has afforded me the privilege of service: to the MBA, its members and our profession.

The MBA has provided me much more, tangibly and intangibly, than I ever could give back."

-- Robert L. Holloway Jr., MacLean Holloway Doherty Ardiff & Morse PC, MBA member since 1991


Kazarosian"In the past 30 years that I have been a member of the MBA, the opportunities that it offers have only increased and improved. There is mentoring for less experienced lawyers, services such as meeting rooms for members, the Lawyer Referral Service, Fee Arbitration, Casemaker, online CLE and more. With events such as socials and the Annual Dinner, networking is abound. At last winter's Casino Night I had a great time, and met many new people in the process. And you just never know what a chance connection with someone may bring in the future. Also, I am a firm believer that the interaction of lawyers outside of everyday practice promotes a more collegial practice of the law, and the MBA gives you that opportunity statewide. It is very difficult to be stubborn or rude or unbending with opposing counsel if you have enjoyed a social event together, or you worked side by side with them on a Committee or served with them on a Section Council. The MBA is an invaluable resource to every lawyer in MA. Use it! Join the MBA!!"

-- Marsha Kazarosian, Kazarosian Law Offices, MBA member since 1982


Kenney"The MBA is the 'land of opportunity' for lawyers. It is my one-stop resource for professional networking, CLE and practice management tools. The MBA has made me a better, happier and more successful lawyer. It can do the same for you. The MBA is truly 'your partner in the profession.'"

-- Christopher A. Kenney, Kenney & Sams PC, MBA member since 1991


Knopf"The benefits of MBA membership are unprecedented. As a new attorney, and member of a small firm focused on family law, my MBA involvement has rapidly advanced my career. The MBA's leadership and networking opportunities have resulted in business referrals and overall exposure across the state. The Family Law Section has allowed me to take advantage of resources specific to my practice area and MBA staff is outstanding to work with. Without hesitation, I can say I will continue to remain actively involved throughout my career."

-- Christina M. Knopf, Michael I. Flores LLC, MBA member since 2012



"I have truly liked being a member of the association for the services it provides, including LRS and membership benefits."

-- Maurice LaRiviere Jr., Law Office of Maurice LaRiviere Jr., MBA member since 1990


Morrissey J"My involvement with the MBA for nearly 20 years has been both professionally and personally rewarding. It has allowed me to develop technical skills as a trial lawyer and a network of colleagues throughout the Massachusetts legal community."

-- John J. Morrissey, Morrissey, Wilson & Zafiropoulos LLP, MBA member since 1993


Murphy"I joined the MBA while I was in law school at the urging of Jim Meehan and Warren Fitzgerald, my bosses at what was then known as Meehan, Boyle & Cohen. I had no idea then that the MBA would provide me with a wealth of knowledge, opportunities and lasting friendships. Through the MBA, I've encountered lawyers and judges alike who shine with integrity in the face of adversity and are fiercely committed to 'doing the right thing.' I'm honored and pleased to count many of them as my friends."

-- Denise I. Murphy, Rubin & Rudman LLP, MBA member since 1990


Natarajan"As a criminal practitioner, I have benefited so much from the MBA Criminal Justice Section Council: making connections and developing strong relationships with people in all different parts of the system and from all over the state; discussing "cutting-edge" legal issues; having the opportunity to publish articles; through guest speakers, having access to the most important "players" in the system in an intimate setting; having a forum through the MBA House of Delegates to propose policy changes for the organization to support."

-- Radha Natarajan, Committee for Public Counsel Services, MBA member since 2007


Raheb"The Massachusetts Bar Association was the first bar I joined after my swearing- in and it is still my greatest resource! It has exposed me to endless opportunities. A career as an attorney requires constant updates as well as connecting with other attorneys. That being said, the MBA has allowed me to strengthen my career through many invaluable networking and CLE opportunities.  I have formed relationships with attorneys I otherwise would have not met. I look forward to being a part of the MBA family as I establish myself as an attorney and for many years to come!"

-- Janet M. Raheb, Janet M. Raheb, Esq., MBA member since 2012


Reilly"Joining the MBA was one of the best investments I have made in my career. MBA membership provides countless opportunities to network with colleagues, judges and experts; to learn about a myriad of topics from leaders in their respective fields; to assume leadership positions and to give back to the community. I joined late in my career but immediately felt like part of the MBA family. I urge all new lawyers not to wait as long as I did and advise more seasoned lawyers that it is never to late to reap the benefits of membership."

-- Maureen L. Reilly, Reilly Law LLC, MBA member since 1990


Reuben"For me, the MBA is all about community. There are many ways to get involved and have fun: planning an educational program, turning my latest legal memorandum into a Section Review article, testing my gaming skills at Casino Night, volunteering at Dial-a-Lawyer, or just rapping about the law and life. The MBA community is always welcoming, warm and diverse, and a place where I feel I can speak my mind, share my passions and broaden my horizons. The MBA community has so many people I admire and respect, and with whom I have formed cherished friendships. That is why I belong!"

-- Catherine E. Reuben, Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP, MBA member since 1990


Riccio"The MBA is the gold standard as far as being a user friendly lawyer's professional organization. Not only does it provide excellent benefits, such as top notch continuing education, and Casemaker, it is a also great way to meet and network with fellow lawyers, in a relaxed, setting. The social events,like the Casino Night are a lot of fun. It is also an opportunity to get involved. It never gets boring, as membership creates the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of all issues related to the law in Massachusetts."

-- Frank J. Riccio D.M.D., Law Offices of Frank J. Riccio PC, MBA member since 1998


OMara"Even though I have been an MBA member for 20 years, I decided to become more involved because I believe in the power of "giving back" -- to colleagues, young lawyers and the community-at-large. The MBA has provided the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of issues attorneys face in all areas of practice. Serving on the MBA House of Delegates and section councils has taken me out of my focused world as a solo practitioner and reinforced my desire to give back and do more for attorneys in the commonwealth and the practice of law."

-- Martha Rush O'Mara, Law Office of Martha Rush O'Mara, MBA Member since 1993


Santoro"As a new lawyer, the MBA has opened up a world of opportunity to me for community involvement and professional growth, two of the most critical aspects of beginning your legal career.  Beyond this, the MBA provides various leadership opportunities, networking events and continuing education; it is a veritable full-service buffet ready to meet your professional needs and I've been overwhelmed and humbled by the warmth and enthusiasm with which I've been welcomed to this community of incredible lawyers"

-- Victoria M. Santoro, Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow PC, MBA member since 2011


Squillante"I have been an MBA member since becoming a lawyer thirty years ago. The MBA has always provided me with the tools and information needed to enhance my professional career and enabled me to build a successful practice. With my MBA membership I have had the ability to work on projects, and initiatives, of significance to the practice of law and the administration of justice. Through the MBA, I have acquired friends of a lifetime, which I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet."

-- Denise Squillante, Denise Squillante PC, MBA member since 1990


Seckler"Why I belong to MBA: the camaraderie I feel with attorneys who care about the profession and about professional development."

-- Stephen E. Seckler, Seckler Legal Consulting and Coaching, MBA member since 2010


Segal"As a young lawyer, the MBA provides me with countless opportunities to increase my knowledge through "legal luncheons" and other CLE programs, while also bringing me into local and statewide legal communities with its networking opportunities. The MBA's dedication to technological innovation through My Bar Access draws the legal community closer, across all disciplines, allowing us to discuss legal topics and answer questions in an interactive online setting. The MBA's programs and community have been invaluable to my practice of law."

-- Samuel A. Segal, Breakstone, White & Gluck PC, MBA Member since 2010



"The MBA has afforded me the opportunity to grow and develop as an attorney. As a member of the Young Lawyers Division, I am able to represent the needs and views of young attorneys by proposing ideas to the MBA House of Delegates, aid in planning events and CLEs beneficial to young attorneys, and give back to my community through volunteering events.

Additionally, my participation in the MBA's Mentoring Circles program and networking events has enabled me to build relationships with experienced practitioners who have offered advice and guidance as I progress in my career."

-- Courtney C. Shea, Looney & Grossman, MBA Member since 2010


Sheff"The MBA has allowed me to expand my friendships across the state, to every specialty and location. It was such a rewarding experience that I joined the leadership team, and today I work with a remarkably diverse and talented group of attorneys to effect positive change and to protect our precious justice system. The MBA has not simply provided me with business opportunities, but with pride and purpose in the law as well."

-- Douglas K. Sheff, Sheff Law, MBA Member since 1990


Silva"I've found the MBA has been a big benefit for providing affordable and meaningful professional insurance. Additionally, it has been great to meet other members of the bar at various events and seminars. The educational events have been very helpful also."

-- Jim Silva, Law Office of James G. Silva, MBA member since 2011


Sullivan"My MBA membership nourishes my professional soul. It makes me proud to be a lawyer and reminds me I joined this noble profession because I wanted to help others. As an active MBA member, I have opportunities to give back to the community as a citizen-lawyer and help people in ways which aren't available in private practice. The many friendships made with fellow MBA members have enriched my life while keeping me professionally well-grounded."

-- Christopher P. Sullivan, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP, MBA Member since 1990


White"Belonging to the MBA does more than provide tools and opportunities for improving my practice. My involvement reminds me of why I became a lawyer -- to work in a noble profession where we make a difference. Recently, I led the MBA's volunteer efforts to help Marathon victims and have seen the amazing things lawyers do to help those in need. Being an MBA member is more than an opportunity to give back to the profession, it is a daily reminder my job is one of the best jobs you could ever have and how lucky/privileged I am to be a lawyer."

-- Paul E. White, Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen PC, MBA Member since 1993


Turco"I joined the MBA because I saw membership as an indispensable part of my professional identity. But now I belong to the MBA because I've learned it's not just an organization, but a community of visionary, intelligent, welcoming individuals whose collective heart is in exactly the right place. I've gained more than contacts and credibility. I've become good friends with some great people. The MBA exemplifies the character we, and the public, want to see in lawyers and I'm proud to be part of it."

-- Damian J. Turco, Mass Injury Firm PC, MBA member since 2012


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