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New Due Date for Carryover Basis Form 8939 for 2010 Decedents (1)

by Caitlin M Cianflone , posted Thu, Sep 22, 2011 9:41 AM

The IRS issued Notice 2011-76 last week which changed the due date of Form 8939, the special carryover basis form for 2010 estates, to January 17, 2012. Since this is a change in the due date of the form, and not an extension, there is no need to file any other forms before filing Form 8939. In addition, estates filing Form 4768, requesting an extension to file the estate tax return and pay the estate tax due, have until March 19, 2012 to file Forms 706 or 706-NA and pay the tax for estates of decedents dying before December 16, 2010. For decedents dying after December 16, 2010 and before January 1, 2011, estates have 15 months from the date of death to file their estate tax returns. Some special penalty relief is also provided for in this notice. Please see the notice for details:

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