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January 2012
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New Open Meeting Law regulations; New legislation; Land Court dockets now available


New Open Meeting Law Regulations

The attorney general has issued amendments to the regulations governing the Open Meeting Law, 940 CMR 29.00 that allow members of public bodies to participate remotely in meetings in certain circumstances. These regulations went into effect on Nov. 11, 2011. Under the regulations, public bodies may not participate remotely in meetings until remote participation has been adopted by the public body; or in the case of local public bodies, by the chief executive officer, as defined in M.G.L. c. 4, § 7. See 940 CMR 29.10(2) at amendments to Open Meeting Law.

In addition, the attorney general is holding a public hearing and seeking comments on another amendment to those regulations. The proposed amendment to 940 CMR 29.10(2) would define the term "knowing or knowingly" in order to clarify the standard for a finding by the Office of the Attorney General of intentional violation of the Open Meeting Law. The proposed amendment and further information can be found here.


New Legislation

By now, everyone has heard of the legislation signed by Gov. Deval Patrick shortly before Thanksgiving on:


Land Court dockets now available

  • Land Court dockets are now available online. Click here to access.



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