Tips on networking, marketing and referrals

Tip 1. Be intentional with networking and business development efforts. Join the right organizations; those with the people, who have the decision rights to hire you, are positioned to be referral sources, or can help you spread a positive reputation.

Tip 2. Marketing and sales are two different processes. Even ideal marketing planning, including messages delivered in the right places, requires the follow up of a robust and deliberate sales process to remain top of mind.

Tip 3. It is most difficult to develop work by developing new clients. For most people, approximately only two percent of efforts to get new clients will be successful. That means out of every 100 "touches," 98 of them will not lead to new work, regardless of how skilled you are at marketing and sales.

Tip courtesy of Susan Letterman White of Letterman White Consulting.

Published May 15, 2014


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