A checklist to jumpstart your marketing in 2013

It's January and time to jumpstart your marketing. If you are not sure where to focus your efforts, a good place to start is to conduct a self audit.  Here is the version I use with my clients. I try to revisit it once a quarter with each coachee.  But the new year is a great place to start. Not everyone will do everything on this checklist. But going through the process of self reflection is a good way to focus on what IS working and what is NOT.

  1. Are you spending 15-30 minutes a day on marketing or relationship building (on average)?
  2. Are you reading articles with purpose and forwarding them to your contacts as appropriate? Are you actively looking for other ways to be helpful to your contacts?
  3. Are you mailing to your best contacts at least once every three months?
  4. Have you written an article that highlights your expertise (i.e. an article which is connected to your marketing message)? This can either be an original piece or a reaction to (or summary of) someone else's presentation or article. The point is to create practical materials that you can send to your contacts (to remain top of mind and reinforce your niche). You can also try blogging.
  5. Have you spoken on this or any other subject that highlights your expertise in the work you are targeting?
  6. Are there any recent matters you've worked on that should be added to your elevator speech? Bio? Which have raised issues that warrant an article, a seminar, a client alert or contacting a reporter?
  7. Have you identified at least 20 "A List contacts" (clients, prospective clients or referral sources who you believe might have work for you or who may be able to refer work)? Are you actively looking for ways to build your relationships with these contacts?
  8. Before you meet with prospects/contacts/referral sources, are you taking the time to do research so you can anticipate some of their needs?
  9. Are you coming to networking meetings prepared to answer the question "What's new?"
  10. When you are in networking meetings, are you listening 80 percent of the time and asking probing questions to identify problems that you can help that individual solve?
  11. Are you making referrals to your referral sources or sending them resources to help them address the issues they raise?
  12. Are you setting next dates/next steps in your calendar so that you remember to circle back to your "A list" contacts?
  13. Are you involved in community, industry, professional or recreational activities that enable you to continue to develop new contacts (i.e. individuals who may turn into clients or referral sources) and further solidify relationships with existing contacts?

Tip courtesy of Stephen Seckler, president, Seckler Legal Consulting and Coaching.

Published January 3, 2013


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