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Note from leadership

Welcome to the January Individual Rights & Responsibilities Section newsletter, containing information about CLE programs, meetings, hot legal developments and other section news.

The Individual Rights & Responsibilities Section has scheduled a free panel discussion on the Anti-Bullying Law in February and you, as a section member, are invited to attend. The date, speakers and topics are listed below and we urge you to take this opportunity to meet with the panelists and discuss this relevant issue. We also ask that you to pass this information along to your colleagues and encourage them to attend.

As a member of the Individual Rights & Responsibilities Section, feel free to communicate with us, or with any members of the section council, to give us your ideas as to programs which would be of interest to you, and to bring to our attention any proposed or pending legislation or administrative regulations that you believe we should consider.

Laurence M. Johnson, chair (left)
Frank A. Smith III, vice chair (right)
Individual Rights & Responsibilities Section

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