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Open Meeting February 22!

by John DiSciullo, posted Fri, Feb 5, 2010 4:20 PM

I am pleased to report that we have arranged for Gabriel Cheong of Infinity Law to speak at a joint open meeting of the GP Solo & Small Firm and LPM sections on February 22 at 5:30 at the MBA on West Street.  An "open meeting" means that all members of both sections can attend. 

Gabriel will be speaking about advertising and marketing on the internet including You Tube, Facebook and Twitter.  He will also be offering tips on how not to get taken for a ride by the paid internet marketing consultants that seem to be cold calling us more and more often.

This seminar is important for all small firm and solo lawyers, but especially those who have avoided the internet as a business development tool.  I saw Gabriel at the How to Start and Run conference and I can report that he explains it all in an easy to understand way, and will not bore you to tears with lots of technical jargon. 

Most impressive of all is that Gabriel's methods are effective at building a reputation and generating new business for his firm.

What's more, it's FREE!  So come down and join us!  See you there.

John DiSciullo

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