Appellate Bench Bar Committee

  • Thomas J. Carey, chair
    Collora LLP
  • Barry A. Bachrach
    Law Office of Barry Bachrach
  • J. Michael Conley
    Kenney & Conley PC
  • William M. Driscoll
    Law Office of William M. Driscoll
  • Peter E. Heppner
    Lynch & Lynch
  • Pamela L. Hunt
    Greater Boston Legal Services
  • Beth R. Levenson
    Epstein, Lipsey & Clifford PC
  • Lynn S. Muster
    Appeals Court
  • Richard L. Neumeier
    Morrison Mahoney LLP
  • Janet H. Pumphrey
    Janet Hetherwick Pumphrey
  • James W. Sahakian
    Middlesex County District Attorneys Office
  • Deborah M. Santello
    Leavis & Rest, P.C.
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