Sample Letter: Client to Legislator

Dear (insert legislator name):

I write, as a constituent, to advocate on behalf of access to justice by fully funding our courts and civil legal aid programs.

Each day in the commonwealth, 42,000 citizens like me enter our courthouses seeking justice as provided to us by the Constitution. It is not until we enter a courthouse that we realize the Massachusetts Court System needs to be adequately funded. Crippling budget cuts over the past several years have impacted staffing levels system-wide, which in turn impacts the accessibility for users of the court and public office hours.

Additionally, I would like to voice my support for civil legal aid. Our friends and neighbors who are most vulnerable and lacking resources must turn to the court system in their in their most desperate times. Civil legal aid assists our neediest citizens with legal issues such as foreclosures, child custody and support, domestic violence and elder abuse.

Our Trial Court is seeking maintenance funding of $615 million, which is just 1.6% of the governor's proposed $36.4 billion for the commonwealth.

The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation is seeking $17 million for legal aid programs for fiscal year 2015.

I support these requests, and believe it is imperative that elected representatives like you also support funding at these levels in order to maintain access to justice for all.

As a citizen of this commonwealth - and as your constituent - I urge you to preserve justice and fairness by adequately funding our courts and civil legal aid in the FY2015 budget.


(Your name)

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