Law-Related Education

Programs in schools, youth centers and other community-based organizations designed to teach young students about the law

If you are interested in having legal professionals visit with your students, or in bringing your students into the courts, there are many ways to participate in LRE in Massachusetts.


To learn more about the MBA's offerings in this area, follow the links below.



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    Mock Trial

    Every year, members of the MBA are needed to serve as coaches and judges for the Mock Trial Program, in which thousands of high school students across Massachusetts prepare a hypothetical case and then test their skills as lawyers and witnesses in a simulated courtroom competition.

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    Lawyer/Teacher Partnership

    The Lawyer-Teacher Partnership pairs attorneys with teachers of high school law-related courses to invigorate the classes, familiarize students with the civil justice system and expose them to possible careers in the law.

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    Conversations on Law and Liberty

    The "Conversations" program was developed by the American Bar Association and adapted by the MBA's Presidential Task Force on the preservation of rights, liberties and access to justice. The program engages students in discussions on complex legal and civics issues and topics related to terrorism and civil liberties.

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