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Where'd the Money Go? Fraud, Waste and Abuse Issues in the Public Sector

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From the largest state agency to the smallest Massachusetts community, every dollar matters. In a time when significant reductions in revenues have resulted in corresponding reductions in personnel and staffing levels, coupled with the increasing use of technology in government’s day-to-day operations, there may be more opportunities for fraud, waste and abuse than ever before. This book will discuss the state’s Fraud, Waste and Abuse Initiative, including an introduction to the newly-created state Office of Commonwealth Performance, Accountability and Transparency, and review of the state’s new Toolkit for Departments to Combat Fraud, Waste and Abuse. The program will also cover the state auditor’s role in fraud, waste and abuse issues, both on the state and local levels, including legislative initiatives proposed by the auditor to combat fraud, waste and abuse.

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Published: November 17, 2011

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