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From Criminal to Immigration Court: Immigration Consequences of Criminal Conduct

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The Obama administration continues to make removal of “criminal aliens” a priority. With substantial increases in funding for programs such as the Criminal Alien Program and Secure Communities, even long-term legal immigrants with old, minor convictions are likely to be placed in removal proceedings at some point. Both criminal and immigration attorneys have a duty to their noncitizen clients to understand the interplay between criminal conduct and immigration law. Topics in this book include:

  • Immigration consequences of criminal conduct;
  • Immigration enforcement issues in Massachusetts criminal courts;
  • How a criminal client gets into removal proceedings;
  • Immigration Court procedures and practice;
  • Eligibility for bond in Immigration Court;
  • Waivers for criminal conduct and other forms of relief; and
  • Why it is important for criminal defense attorneys who represent immigrants to understand and be able to advise their clients about the potential immigration consequences of their criminal cases.
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Published: May 12, 2010

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