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Location: Foxboro, MA
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Hello -

I am a newly admitted to the Massachusetts bar and I am actively seeking a position.  I have experience in public interest, government, real estate and family law. I am also interested in elder law, and wills as well.  I am open  to any location within the commonwealth.

Presently, I am a post-graduate law clerk with a District Attorney’s Office in the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Bureau.  Within this position, I vigorously conduct legal research and writing to assist the Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney and other Assistant District Attorneys in preparing their cases and helping them find answers to compelling legal issues.

During my last year in law school, I worked with the Law Office of the Public Advocacy Center that focused on helping those in need in a landlord/tenant capacity.  I routinely conducted legal research and consulted with the staff attorney on strategy.  I often accompanied him to court and met with clients.  Within this internship, I also assisted the Suffolk County Bar Association's Pro Bono Foreclosure Clinic where attorneys would meet with indigent clients to discuss the foreclosure process and to give legal advice in a limited capacity.  I received a certificate of appreciation for my work in this office.

For shortly under four years, I was a Court Office Assistant with the Third and Fourth District Courts in Suffolk County, NY, where I became very familiar with court procedures.  I interacted with the public on a daily basis by providing customer service.  I am very customer driven and can easily relate to people.  I enjoy personal interactions and strive in that environment. 

My work experience and legal internships have given me the skills necessary to adapt to new situations and contribute to a busy office setting.  I understand the importance and power of each written or spoken word and how important it is to communicate with purpose and an overall vision.  I know I can bring a quality work product and a team spirit to your office.  I am organized and I know how to work independently as well as part of a team. 

I welcome any employment opportunities or advice and thank you for taking the time to read my posting. I have a resume, writing sample and references available upon request.


posted: 1/4/2013

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