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Join the MBA in advocating for court funding

The Massachusetts Bar Association is raising awareness on what is at stake in the absence of adequate court funding.

View the following video to learn about the consequences of the lack of court funding on the public.

Click here for additional videos on the court funding campaign, including how the lack of funding affects the rule of law, average citizens and the Probate and Family Court's ability to serve the public.

You, as a member of the public or legal community, can make a difference, by reaching out to your state senators and representatives to reiterate the importance ensuring a full funded judicial system. Click here to read "Justice in the Balance," an overview of the Massachusetts Judiciary for the Legislature. Click here for specific information on case filings, fund and staffing of the Massachusetts Trial Court.

In 2010, the MBA also released a report, "Crisis in Court Funding," that shed light on how lack of funding was impeding the court system's ability to deliver services that impact the livelihood of Massachusetts citizens.

Join the MBA in advocating for proper funding of the state's third branch of government -- the Judiciary. Click here to identify your state representatives and senators.

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